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You've reached Rightot's Item Shop!! This page contains every available item that can be purchased from Rightot during the course of the game, whether you play with Mega Man or Bass. They are listed in the order you buy them, plus a little picture next to it, and the description Rightot gives for it. The numbers next to the name indicate how many bolts it takes for Rightot to create that item.

SpareBody: (50) For every spare body you own, you can be destroyed once.

EnergySorter: (120) Weapon energy automatically boosts your weakest weapon.

StageExit: (50) You can teleport out of any stage you've beaten.

ShockStep: (10) You can absorb the damage of spikes once.

Reciever: (100) You can contact Roll with this. Don't talk too long.

ItemHolder: (60) A capsule within the stage will give you life.

Analyzer: (50) Your receiver will find enemy weak points.

PowerBoost: (200) Picking up power recovers more life than normal.

Counter: (200) When low on life, your offensive will increase.

EnergySaver: (200) Halves the amount of energy your Master Weapons consume.

DamageAbsorb: (300) Damage inflicted on your character is turned into weapon energy.

MegaArmor: (200) Reduces damage inflicted on your character.

CDCounter: (100) Enables Roll to tell you how many CDs are left in each stage.

Items Exclusive to Mega Man:

AutoCharge: (50) Mega Man charges his arm cannons automatically whenever you are not firing.

Eddie: (150) Eddie's delivery system will bring you items.

RushSearch: (100) Rush will dig up a secret item.

AutoHeal: (450) Life power recovers with time. Walk around a lot.

FastCharge: (150) The Rockbuster charges up faster.

Beat: (300) Beat brings you a barrier that absorbs minor damage.

CDFinder: (300) Helps find CDs underground. Let Rush dig them up.

Items exclusive to Bass:

SpeedDash: (100) Your dashing speed goes up.

ClimbBoost: (100) You can climb ladders faster. This should come in handy.

GospelBoost: (200) Gospel (Treble) turns into a booster. Watch your energy!

SuperBuster: (300) Bass's shots are bigger and a bit more powerful.

HyperBuster: (300) Bass's shots are smaller and deal less damage; however, they travel through walls and ceilings and floors.

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