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August 29th, 1985 - September 17th, 2003

Beautiful child born to earth,
With golden hair at time of birth.
Eyes that smile for setting free,
All life has inside of she.

Frolic till her hearts delight,
On every soul in full daylight.
Oh, mother, father beat with joy,
Not knowing life's distant ploy.

Child brew inside of thee,
For only now was known to she.
A choice to make at time of strife,
Not knowing it would take her life.

Fear not, for she is ash to earth,
With baby child from time of birth.
An angel who guides those below,
With all life's mysteries and foe.

Linda S. Schoeffner

There is a fund to donate in Holly's name if you wish.

Washington Mutual Bank
South K Branch
Acct. # 4900 6922 48

If you would like to send a letter to Holly or share any memories or pictures of Holly, please email me and I will add them to this site. If you have anything to be scanned, but don't have access to a scanner, I will scan everything for you and return everything asap. Thank you for your help. This site will keep adding more information as time progresses.

Thank you to Kari, Sam, and Jon for helping to start this website. Your help is much appreciated.

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