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(08/09/07) v. 1.51: Added some new info to the guide after 5 years! This time, I have clarified certain areas for continuity, and there are 2 new boss strategies for the Green Devil and Pirate Man. Thanks to Danny for the information.

(01/28/02) v. 1.48: Re-named the "Gateway to King" to the "Crystal Gate". According to my Rockman & Forte Guide Book, the previous name was incorrect. I also clarified the names of 5 bosses. Thanks to ROCKMANGAMES for the information on the name changes.

(11/03/01) v. 1.45: Added three new techniques to Mega Man's roster that I had forgotten about: Rush Search, Beat, and Eddie. Also included pictures of both Mega Man and Bass in Master Boss Weapon outfits.

(10/25/01) v. 1.40: The entire layout of the Bossguide has been re-done, with new screenshots for each boss, and better clarification on strategies. Numerous small inconsistencies in the wording and layout have also been fixed.

(06/11/01) v. 1.35: Added another technique to defeat the Flying Bot in King's Stage and lengthened the description. Also clarified a couple areas.

(02/16/01) v. 1.33: Verified the King in Battle Body technique. Thanks to Xavier.

(11/28/00) v. 1.32: Fixed a bunch of spelling and grammatical errors, clarified some techniques, and added a hint for King in Battle Body. Thanks to Tony for the hint.

(05/29/00) v. 1.30: Added explanations for what each weapon does when used.

(xx/xx/00) v. 1.25: Added explanations on how to destroy each cube for anyone that couldn't figure it out. I also added another technique to defeat King (with axe). Thanks to SHORT for the technique.

(xx/xx/00) v. 1.21: Added extra pics of King and smaller pics for Bass and Mega Man's techniques. Also added a small note for Wily's final form.

(12/22/99) v. 1.20: Since so many extra strategies and corrections were added, it deserved the jump in history. Added were: corrections to nearly every boss, new strategies to defeat them, and a few typos fixed.

(09/11/99) v. 1.11: Added the Intro Boss and Master Boss pictures to the guide. Also added pics of Mega Man and Bass.

(08/19/99) v. 1.10: Fixed some spelling errors, added some text here and there. I mostly just cleaned it up a little. Also added a characters section and boss weak spots.

(08/18/99) v. 1.00: Initial release.


Rock Mega Man:
He's the little guy in the blue, of course.

Technique 1: Rock Buster
Just push your fire button to release a Level 1 shot. Hold down the fire button to charge up his weapon and release a Level 2 or Level 3 shot in the direction Mega Man is facing. Later in the game, this charge process can be done automatically with an upgrade from Rightot's Shop.
Technique 2: Slide
Hold the down button and press the jump button to pull off Mega Man's slide technique.
Technique 3: Run
As in every previous Mega Man game, Mega Man can run. He can run at a constant speed, and neither jumping nor shooting will slow him down.
Technique 4: Jump
Mega Man can jump, although not as high or as far as Bass can. Mega Man's jumps seem to fall a little shorter compared to other Mega Man games. This makes it harder to reach certain items (ie; 1-Ups, CDs), but isn't too much of a drawback. In some situations, like in an area where a large jump could send you into an enemy or a set of spikes, it's almost favorable.
Technique 5: Rush Search
This is an item that must be bought from Rightot's Shop. Rush will teleport down to Rockman and dig in the ground for items. Most of the time it's small powerups, but if you know where to look, you can find buried CDs! If Rush is hit by an enemy while he's digging, he will teleport out before he's finished.
Technique 6: Beat
This is an item that must be bought from Rightot's Shop. Beat will fly in and help Mega Man by forming a blue, protective barrier around him. Mega Man cannot be harmed while the barrier is up, but it doesn't last very long. It will consume energy until it is gone or turned off, so be careful using it.
Technique 7: Eddie
This is an item that must be bought from Rightot's Shop. Eddie will swoop in and deliver one to three items from inside his body. Each delivered item will use about 20% of the energy bar, so again, use this only when you need it. Eddie can be called as many time as you wish, as long as you have the energy to do so.


Forte Bass (AKA Forte):
He's the bigger, blacker (and quite frankly, cooler) looking character of the two.

Technique 1: Forte Buster
Hold down your fire button to have Bass start his rapid-fire gun. He can fire in a total of 7 different directions. While rapid-firing, Bass cannot walk or run, but he can jump and dash.
Technique 2: Double-Jump
If you push your jump button while Bass is in the air, he will jump again. He can also pull off his double-jump while falling.
Technique 3: Dash
Push your forward button twice, or your dash button to make Bass dash across the ground.
Technique 4: Dash-Jump
Just like Mega Man X, Bass can dash-jump. (Now if he could only kick up the walls like X...) Start dashing, then press your jump button to have Bass execute a more powerful jump.
Technique 5: Run
Like Mega Man, Bass can run. He goes about the same speed as Mega Man, and shooting won't slow him down, although double-jumping will slow him down a tad, while dashing will increase speed a little.
Technique 6: Fusion
This is an item that must be bought from Rightot's Shop. It's one of Bass's more useful techniques; Bass can fuse together with his dog Treble for a short period of time to become a purple, flying version of the Bass we all know and love so well. This form uses a lot of energy, so use it wisely.


Copy Vision: Won from Astro Man. Your character produces a holographic image of himself that fires continuously for a small time period. You still have the ability to fire while the image is up as well, and it can be activated anywhere -- even in the air!!
Ice Wall: Won from Cold Man. Like the name suggests, this will produce a wall of ice. It can be pushed along to destroy traps, or to find out where there are holes in the floor when you can't see it. Your character can also ride the top of it along the ground or use it as a stepping block for those hard to reach areas.
Lightning Bolt: Won from Dynamo Man. Again, this is pretty self-explanitory. Bolts of lightning shoot down over the entire screen, pretty much destroying everything. This is also useful because you become invincible while you are using it.
Magic Card: Won from Magic Man. Very cool when low on health. This can be used to snatch power-ups from the left, right, or straight up (even with Mega Man.) It can also pull power-ups and items out of enemies.
Remote Mine: Won from Pirate Man. These are fired straight out, but they can be steered around by pressing the control pad. They will attach to any solid object, and from there can be detonated by using your fire button.
Spread Drill: Won from Ground Man. This fires a large drill that slowly sinks down as it moves along. It can be broken up into smaller drills by pressing the fire button repeatedly, although each successive break will do less damage.
Tengu Blade: Won from Tengu Man. This will produce a slash which turns into a blade of white energy that travels away from you upwards, bouncing off walls and such. Additionally, it will also produce a slash when you slide or dash, which makes this good for small enemies that lie on the floor.
Wave Burner: Won from Burner Man. Shoots an arc of flames from your character's arm cannon. It can be used to melt ice blocks or ignite the dynamite boxes that are seen every now and then. If you use this underwater, it makes waves of heated water that can be used to move mines or destroy enemies.


Since there are no E tanks, Rockman and Forte is, in my opinion, the hardest Mega Man ever, so maybe some gamers would like to know techniques to beat all the bosses. Notice that most of the bosses are to be defeated with Energy Saver, because it will save some useful ammos, and in certain cases, you must use it to kill the boss. The techniques mentioned here (applicable only to stage bosses) all work in less than 5 minutes, if done correctly. The fortress bosses take more time to beat. The bosses are listed in the order that I think works best, although there are a number of different other ways.


Intro Boss: Green Devil
Just fire at his body until his eye opens up. Then just fire until he takes damage. He is really weak, so you shouldn't have much trouble. If you want to have some fun, just go back in the intro and come back to kill the Green Devil (he is always there). Use Copy Vision, or just fire a Remote Mine, detonate it and watch him die almost instantly!!! Too bad that this fight doesn't last long, cause it is REALLY funny :)

Weak Spot: Use your regular buster, or if you come back, try Remote Mines or Copy Vision.

Level 1 Boss: Cold Man
Hit him with Lightning Bolts until he dies. If you don't have them (since he is the one to start with), you can just use your Buster. Jump over his walls twice; once forward, once backward, or simply double-jump with Bass (try to shoot him while in the air). When he jumps, slide/dash under him. After he jumps over to the other side, he'll try to freeze you down with his "ice spot", so just jump over it 5 times. The ice will appear just under you, so keep moving while jumping, and you should be fine. When his life meter is halfway gone, he fires a pink cloud. Kill it before it gets to you (if it hits you, you're stuck). Repeat this until he dies.

Weak Spot: Lightning Bolt (won from Dynamo Man)

Level 2 Boss: Burner Man
Jump twice (double-jump with Bass) right at the beginning to avoid his dash. When he gets in the air and dives toward you, slide far away from him. If you're playing with Bass, just double-jump over him to avoid his dive. After that, he'll start dashing again. When he jumps in the air and fires 3 clamps, he will start to dash again. Keep using these same techniques.

As soon as he starts to use his flamethrower, fire an Ice Wall and push it. You *should* follow it as Burner Man gets into the spikes, because he takes more damage that way. However, don't get too near because you will hurt yourself on his flamethrower (his flamethrower hurts more than himself, so...). When he fires grenades, just push an Ice Wall and follow it so that once again he gets into spikes. How close you are to the walls really doesn't matter, because to avoid his grenades, you just have to be in movement. Whatever you do, when the time comes to hit him, JUST BE SURE THAT HE ALWAYS GETS INTO THE SPIKES.

Weak Spot: Ice Wall (won from Cold Man)

Level 3 Boss: Pirate Man
Our receiver tells us that we should attack Pirate Man while the water level is low. I don't care. I don't have transparency on my CPU, so I just get the layer off, and I don't see the water level. If you can't fiddle with your transparency layers though, just fire your Wave Burner at him and don't worry about anything else. Trying to avoid the mines is a waste of time. As the water level rises and falls, the damage from your flames will decrease or increase, respectively. Try and fire your flame at him OUT of the water, while jumping to keep out of the water yourself (but staying on him), because you can deal more damage that way. Just fire at him all the time, so he won't go in his little protective bubble.

If he makes it into his bubble, try this. As soon as he makes it into his bubble, hit him with the Wave Burner. The bubble will pop and Pirate Man will fall out of it, spin around, and land on the ground, stunned, with an irked look on his face. Thanks to Danny for this hint.

Weak Spot: Wave Burner (won from Burner Man)

Level 4 Boss: Ground Man
Fire mines at him so that he always has one on himself . Don't remote your mines, just wait for him to dig in the floor or ceiling, and watch your mine explode. If you timed it correctly, he shouldn't even be able to do anything except his drill-tank. Then, shoot one mine, and avoid him by jumping over him at the last moment the first time, and jump forward + slide the second time (with Bass, just double-jump the first time. Then the second time, do dash-jump and keep going forward). If he is able to tunnel up into the ceiling, just slide or dash a bit before he reaches you (You can see him moving). If he is able to go underground, just keep moving to stay away, then fire at him when he surfaces. NEVER DETONATE YOUR MINES; WAIT FOR THEM TO BLOW UP.

Weak Spot: Remote Mines (won from Pirate Man)

Level 5 Boss: Tengu Man
Haven't I seen him before? Heheh. Jump right at the beginning and fire one big drill. NEVER SPLIT THE DRILLS; BIG DRILLS DO MORE DAMAGE TO TENGU MAN AND MAKE HIM FALL. Then, fire drills as soon as you see him in your screen.

Other Alternative: As soon as he stands up and starts flying again, fire a drill a little over him, so that he is always on the ground. The trade-off is it's a little harder to be timed correctly this way. (Well, it's almost the same as the slash Spring Man had in Mega Man 7 before he gets to fire his fists. If you are able to keep Spring Man on the ground in MM7, than maybe you are able to keep Tengu Man on the ground in R & F).

Weak Spot: Spread Drill (won from Ground Man)

Level 6 Boss: Magic Man
DON'T HIT HIM WITH THE SMALL THROWN BLADE. Slashing him in 2 with the blade close to you works best (it looks like the slash claw in MM7), but you can slash him in 2 by sliding/dashing on him. You hurt yourself that way, though, so it's no good. Just run up and start cutting. Have fun to watch him get cut in two!!!

Weak Spot: Tengu Blade (won from Tengu Man)

Level 7 Boss: Astro Man
The little orbs he fires are easy to avoid. Just fire Magic Cards at him and be sure to not slide/dash onto him when he puts up his holograms. I would try to avoid the middle of the room, because Astro Man will always hit you there when he swoops down. Make sure you don't waste your Magic Cards by firing them at him when he throws down that green beam near the ground. He's invincible then.

Weak Spot: Magic Card (won from Magic Man)

Level 8 Boss: Dynamo Man
Slide at the beginning until you reach the opposite corner and jump at the last moment (double-jumping at almost any time with Bass will work). Wait a little to see if he will jump again or not, as that is only time to place your Copy Vision correctly. If he does jump, place your Copy Vision and avoid the bullets. They will go toward the Copy Vision (it acts as a decoy and everything goes toward it). If he has some bullets around him, just place your Copy Vision as soon as they appear. If he fires weird shocking bars (which looks like the thing he has on the shoulders), just kill the ones that might pose a threat with your Arm Cannon. Then the story repeats itself. He jumps, dashes... forever like that... until he goes into the machinery on the ceiling that he first came out of. ACT FAST. Jump on one of the platforms, and place a Copy Vision AS HIGH AS POSSIBLE. It will rapidly kill the 2 red bars, and he won't have recovered too much energy. He can heal himself as many times as he wants to do it (in general 1 or 2 times) but IT IS POSSIBLE THAT YOU MAY NEVER DEFEAT HIM. He is one of the hardest bosses, so be prepared for a fight.

With Bass: Use the above strategy, but don't rely on your Copy Vision so much, especially when he goes into the ceiling to recharge. Bass's Forte Busters with the Super add-on work better on him than Copy Vision, since it's possible to fire at angle anywhere. The main advantage to this is that his busters DO THE SAME DAMAGE AS COPY VISION, and even more if you have some of the "extras" from Rightot's shop.

HINT: Anytime your Copy Vision isn't up, hit him with your Arm Cannon.

Weak Spot: Copy Vision (won from Astro Man)


Crystal Gate:

Ok this isn't a boss, but you have to do it to get to King. There are 8 crystals you must destroy to reach him. Each crystal destroyed is worth 100 bolts, so destroy a few and fill your bolt level to 400, then go blow it all in Rightot's shop on weapon upgrades and the like. Then come back and do it again. Going down the LEFT side from the top to the bottom, you must use these weapons to destroy the crystals:

Lightning Bolt
Ice Wall
Spread Drill
Tengu Blade

Going down the RIGHT side from the top to the bottom, you must use these weapons to destroy the crystals:

Copy Vision
Remote Mine
Wave Burner
Magic Card

Since some people have trouble figuring out how to get past the crystals, here are explanations on how to destroy each one. These techniques will work for both Mega Man and Bass.

Lightning Bolt: Simply step into the room and fire.

Ice Wall: Jump onto the platform above the block and fire into the far wall. It will come back and destroy the crystal.

Spread Drill: Jump and fire. Split the drills until one of them hits the crystal.

Tengu Blade: Stand to the right of the crystal. Jump and fire. It will ricochet off the walls until it hits the crystal.

Copy Vision: Jump and position the Copy Vision in the air so it is shooting at the crystal.

Remote Mine: Jump and fire through the little opening. Steer the mine until it reaches the crystal, then detonate it.

Wave Burner: Light the fuses on the boxes, wait until they explode, then fire on the crystal.

Magic Card: Stand under the top crystal and fire up. Then fire to the right to destroy the second one.


NOTE ON FORTRESS BOSSES: If you don't wish to use Master Weapons, most bosses can be defeated using your Arm Cannon. Also, the Final Boss's "weak spot" is not really a weak spot, it's just what works most effectively.

Fortress Boss 1: Pulley and Counterbalance System
Place your Copy Vision near ground level (Watch that you don't fall into the lava) and always jump on the small platform. This causes the boss's shell to go up, showing a little black face. Have the tiny face at the level of your Copy Vision, and get him hit from 2 (standard) to 4 times (well, hitting him 4 times requires practice). Just be sure that you jump on the ground as soon as the boss dies, otherwise you'll fall in lava and have to kill it again.

Weak Spot: Copy Vision (won from Astro Man)

Fortress Boss 2: King Tank
It's a half-stage boss. Fire mines on the head first, then on the machine-gun turret nose. When firing on the turret, the mines must placed on the top of it (so they almost seem to be floating in mid-air), or else the turret won't be hit. After you're finished with that, work on the rear part.

IMPORTANT: Blow up your mines when the part they are fixed on fires at you, or it won't get hit.

With Bass: Bass's Forte Busters, with the Hyper add-on, work best to destroy the machine gun part and rear part on the King Tank. But still then, mines works best to kill the turret on top.

Weak Spot: Remote Mines (won from Pirate Man)

Fortress Boss 3: Mega King
Another half-stage boss. Just fire on the glass dome on top of it with fully charged Rock Buster with Mega Man or Bass's Forte Busters with the Super add-on. Kill the big fists before they can destroy the flying platforms, and destroy the little red nose as soon as he shows it (if you don't kill it in time, you will face to a super-weapon that hits all the screen). From time to time, it will throw out little bubbles of health, weapon energy, or lanterns. The lanterns fill the entire screen with light for 1-2 seconds, so try not to hit them if possible. Bass must jump from one platform to another, while Mega Man can walk most of the time.

HINT: If you're using Mega Man, equip the Wave Burner and fire it on the red nose to destroy it before it unleashes a full-screen attack. Bass can just use his arm cannon to quickly destroy it.

Weak Spot: Arm Cannons work most effectively here.

Fortress Boss 4: King #1
Don't fire when the shield is in front of him, or it will just be reflected back into you. You don't even need to fire at any time, so... Just jump to avoid his big X's and waste time. It's a matter of 3 rounds of attacks before Protoman comes, so you just have to avoid getting hit.

HINT: If you're getting hit by the X's, here are the directions they go: the first two will curve downwards, the third upwards, the fourth downwards, and the fifth upwards. You can jump over or slide under to avoid them.

Weak Spot: None.

Fortress Boss 5: King #2
Slide/dash from one side to the other and fire Mega Man's fully charged busters or Bass's Forte Busters with the Super add-on at him. Don't try to avoid King's small laser, just be sure that he doesn't jump on you. When he finally uses his axe, do short slides/dashes to be always close to him (it's easier that way) and in his back.

Lightning Bolt is also very effective, although you may want to save your energy for a more difficult boss, such as Dr. Wily, or King's next version.

Weak Spot: A combination of Lightning Bolts and Arm Cannons.

Fortress Boss 6: King (Final Form)
NOTE: Be full of energy, this one is hard. Mega Armor may come in handy here

With Mega Man: Jump on the small platform that goes up and down. Jump and fire fully charged Mega Busters at the glass dome on top of the robot. Kill the mid-section's red thing (which is exactly the same as the Flying Bot's red nose). When he fires 3 or 4 white and flashing bullets from his arm, destroy them (one single fully charged shot works well). If he fires some mines, then hide yourself under the platform you are on. Counter works better than Energy Saver here.

With Bass: At the beginning, use Lightning Bolt + Energy Saver so that you hit him easily and you don't lose any life (If you don't want to be hit, jump before firing bolts) After, fire Forte Busters with the Super add-on at him (jump and shoot at an angle). If he fires 1 white flashing bullet at you, try to kill it. If you aren't able to (it's harder to destroy that single 1 than the 3 or 4 fired at Mega Man), then hit King. If he fires some mines, dash to avoid them. If he charges, double-jump and try to shoot him while he's close to you.

HINT: I've heard using Wave Burner works here. Apparently, if you are able to dash-jump with Bass high enough, it will strike him taking out a quarter of his life. For Mega Man, you have to jump high and far enough from the platform to hit him. If you've tried this, let me know if it works.

UPDATE: Xavier verified that Wave Burner DOES work well here. He also offered a technique if you use Bass:
"It is kinda hard to hit him with the Wave Burner and jumping twice. You will probably get hit, so use the Gospel Boost to fly higher than a normal double-jump, get close to him (like 2 inches from the head) and when you are high enough (when you can't see Bass's head or half of his body), press start and go to the weapons screen and select the Wave Burner. Obviously, you will start falling, so immediately after you start to fall, fire your Wave Burner. You'll hit him while you are falling, and jump in mid-air and try to get as far away as you can from the robot cause you'll get hit. After you touch the floor, repeat it. If you do this right you will get him out of the way in less than 2 minutes or one and half minutes. He takes a lot of damage every time you hit him."

Weak Spot: Wave Burner

Fortress Boss 7: Dr. Wily (1st Form)
Shoot mines on Wily (detonate them). Double-jump right at the beginning if you're using Bass, and jump twice very rapidly if you're using Mega Man. Dash/slide under the jumping sawblade to avoid it. Single jumps work best to avoid missiles, even with Bass. When he charges, double-jump over him with Bass (this one is really hard to get timed correctly) or slide under him with Mega Man twice exactly the way we do for the big turtle in MM7. Do your best to avoid white bullets.

Weak Spot: Remote Mines (won from Pirate Man)

Fortress Boss 8: Dr. Wily (UFO Form)
NOTE: Some people prefer just to use Magic Card on Wily, disregarding anything else. This may or may not work for you, so try it out.

With Bass: Fire Forte Busters with the Super add-on at him (once again, only the glass dome is vulnerable). When he fires 4 black things, kill them rapidly. If he fires 4 white bullets, just jump or dash as soon as they start getting toward you. If he fires many white bullets that goes in a spiral movement, just try to position yourself to not get hit.

With Mega Man: If you still have them, fire Lightning Bolts (using Energy Saver, and if possible, have full weapon energy) to hit him a little, since you can't lose life while firing them. After, just use the same techniques as used with Bass to avoid Wily's weapons, and use Spread Drill (still on Energy Saver) to hit him, as they work well. Do your best to reach him, splitting drills when you must, and letting them hit intact when you can. Neither big drills nor small ones hurt him more.

HINT: If you have Mega Man, you may find it easier to just use fully charged busters with Counter on it.

Weak Spot: None.


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